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Review of Reasons for Using This Platform

It wasn’t until I got that massive research paper in my political science class that I decided that maybe I don’t know it all, and can’t possibly know it all if it’s due in a month. There are only so many references one could read. Maybe I should get some help.


Review of Reasons for Using This Platform

My friend told me about service and said it saved her summer, if you know what I mean. Luckily, it wasn’t all that bad for me, but it was a mission to keep that GPA up where it’s supposed to be, from possibly a C+.

Is Legit?

The MySuperGeek website looked pretty straightforward. One page long and it got me at instant registration! Even better, as soon as I logged on, I was just reading the part where I could get customer service to text me through the messenger when the customer service chat-head popped up asking for help, and it wasn’t a robot either.


Reviews of Reasons for Using This Platform

These guys from really get into it with you; I must have driven my support guy, Mark, up the wall asking about writer qualifications and extent of help I’m getting with this. It’s a little ironic that I was asking for help on a paper discussing “Academic Dependency and Division of Labor in Privately Funded Education.” I had to know how academically dependent I’d be and how the division of labor works in my privately funded research crisis.

My Experience With Customer Support

That’s probably when I panicked. How would I know if the writer I chose was any good? How good are tutors anyway? Yes, they have positive customer reviews, but how would I know the writer I chose actually wrote it? What was my guarantee here?

“Plus you only pay the writer after receiving the paper.” Mark, the customer service agent said. “This is the guarantee,” he added, “The best and solid guarantee.”


Reviews of MySuperGeek: Reasons for Using This Platform

You’re good Mark, but I need something else. “Plus you get to see your writer’s qualifications when you’re hiring them.”

That’s when I had the courage to go through the registration form at MySuperGeek; turns out you see the writer’s qualifications through the work they did for other people! These guys are all about the see-it-to-believe-it and even a little of the poke-it-just-to-make-sure; you see the writers’ reviews and endorsements they got from other people and their number of completed projects on their profile!


My Super Geek service was a bit pricier than I thought, but the quality is worth the buck; they’re good, they’re really patient (especially with stressed out students). doesn’t milk you on the delivery fee and can work at an impossible deadline of 3 hours, let alone my long scary month.


And guess what? I poked it to make sure, and it turns out you only pay for the parts you like! Neat! I love MySuperGeek! I’m definitely keeping it around for a rainy day.


Review of MySuperGeek: Reasons for Using This Platform

In short:

  • It’s a great service with a lot of positive reviews;
  • Talented tutors and support guys;
  • Affordable prices.

It’s a huge step ahead from the good old habit of asking a friend for help, especially if you just moved to a new city or your friends won’t do it unless you pay them!