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  • Prices 7
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  • Delivery 8 Review: One of The Best Australian Writing Service is a website that primarily targets Australian students, helping them in their studying by writing all sorts of essays for them. The site is really accessible, has a cool but not too extravagant design, has a positive customer reviews, and generally appears customer friendly. Review: One of The Best Australian Writing Service

Starting from a long time ago, when I first visited AustralianWritings website, I was immediately drawn to it because of its simplicity and sort of playful look of it; it doesn’t look too childish like other sites I’ve seen, but it’s not your typical stiff academic website either, although the academics and students keep it going.

Whenever I get an essay or report too hard for me, I go to and just order it.

They can do almost anything, even my latest religious essay “Why do different prophets preach contradictory teachings?” got an A. So, as of now I wanted to share this service with the world.


As for the prices, they of course vary. The Australian Writings website has several categories related to prices – Standard, Premium and Platinum Quality. Standard is usually used by students who can’t pay too much and whose assignments they want written are not very complicated. Review: One of The Best Australian Writing Services

Price ranges, of course, according to speed also – the writers can submit it within 10 days or within several hours. The lowest price is $16 per page. But it all depends on the bid you accept.

Types of Services really helps the students. It offers more than 14 different types of essays, some of which are:

  • term papers;
  • research papers;
  • case studies;
  • lab reports;
  • anything you can imagine.

AustralianWritings has really prepared and are able to cover different areas of study with their services, not just one or two areas. A math student can easily find help here as well as a philosophy student.

Customer Support

You can send them a general e-mail and they answer pretty quickly. To ease your browsing process, all you have to do is just select a kind of essay you want written and type in your e-mail. What’s more, it automatically creates a profile for you – an e-mail for confirmation is sent straight away with a password which you can change later. Review: One of The Best Australian Writing Service also has a chat form of communication, although this feature seems to be a bit lacking. I usually receive a reply within few seconds, although the last time I didn’t get an answer to my question, since the chat completely shut down. I bet they’ve already fixed the bug.

The Writers

Nonetheless, feedback on the site and off it is pretty good. All reviews I’ve seen are placing the website at the top of the lists. Most of the writers are from Australia, but some of them are from the US and UK as well.

The writers who provide these services are mostly academics with PhDs, although in some profiles you will find no academic title.

Despite that, the ones with and the ones without titles receive a great number of support and praise. I find that the most endearing. They really feel like a right knit community.

Customer Feedbacks

Besides the writers who did review on, I’ve seen comments below these reviews, which confirm the same thing. People seem to be generally satisfied. And you can see testimonials from random students (with their names listed) if you click on a “Contact us” link in the Menu bar. Mine is somewhere there as well. Review: One of The Best Australian Writing Service


AustralianWritings service – it’s my personal helper. My essays always get high grades. Despite the chat thing, I highly recommend it; it’s only a detail anyway, and the website administrators are otherwise very quick to respond, showing courtesy and kindness. Thumbs up for this one!